Best BrewExpo Yet

BrewExpo America Floor

Attendees and vendors get down to business in D.C.

Is bigger better? Ask an attendee at BrewExpo America 2013. They’re probably excited that the event has nearly doubled in size since last year’s trade show in San Diego. It has grown from 255 exhibits to over 440 vendors between 2012 and 2013, and as soon as you walk into the convention hall, the difference is noticeable.

With an expanded exhibit roster and significantly increased expo space, the trade show now has more hardware than a Home Depot, with shiny brewing equipment lining every aisle. Brewers that are in the market for anything from brewing tanks to bottling and canning lines to packaging materials are finding what they need to expand or improve operations.

With 6,400 conference attendees roaming the halls, it was a busy two days for the vendors. In addition to the trade show itself, BrewExpo features several hospitality suites, where attendees can take a break and mingle, multiple beer stations—if they need a more brief respite—and sponsored demonstration areas that offer inside information on some of the industry’s newest products and services.