Managing and Examining Travel and Entertainment (Expense 2018)

Tuesday, September 11 | 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Overview: This course provides insight on how to bring control and intelligent management to your company’s T&E process.We evaluate how to bring people, process, technology, strategy and information together to provide the proper level of internal controls over expenditures.We also discuss the critical role of information technology and its utilization in today’s cyber world and how that impacts travel and entertainment.

Why should you Attend: Uncontrolled and poorly managed travel and entertainment expenditures can impact reputation, financial, operational and compliance areas.It is an outreach of your control environment.In the end,it can be a reflection of how profitable your company will be.

Areas Covered in the Session: Explore policies and procedures to right-size T&E control Explore safeguards for T&E expenses Identify methods for monitoring and managing T&E Recognize the role of technology in managing the T&E process Identify automated expense tools

Who Will Benefit: Accountants Finance Professionals Internal and External Auditors Operational and Compliance Professionals CFO,CEO and Senior Management Board Members

Speaker Profile: Lynn Fountain has over 35 years of experience spanning public accounting, corporate accounting and consulting. 20 years of her experience has been working in the areas of internal and external auditing. She is a subject matter expert in multiple fields including internal audit, ethics, fraud evaluations, Sarbanes-Oxley, enterprise risk management, governance, financial management and compliance.

Event Fee: One Dial-in One Attendee Price: US$150.00

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