Exhibitor 1-Day Visitor Pass Redemption

The deadline to redeem visitor passes is March 24, 2017

Please read all instructions before registering. Registration link found at bottom of page.

What 1-Day Visitor Passes Are:

Each exhibiting company in the 2017 BrewExpo America® had the option to request one-day visitor passes to provide to clients so that they may attend one day of the trade show only. These “passes” are provided electronically to exhibitors as “Exhibitor ID” voucher codes to exhibitors, via email (sent to the primary contact of each exhibiting company in early February).

The Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America® is an industry-only event . As such, individuals redeeming visitor passes must be affiliated with the craft brewing industry and will be asked for proof when checking in at the event, as well as a valid government issued ID showing that they are 21+ years of age.

If you’ve received one of these voucher codes from an exhibiting company, you may redeem these by following the Visitor Pass Registration Link. These 1-day passes are not available for purchase, only through exhibiting companies of the 2016 BrewExpo America® Trade Show.

What 1-Day Visitor Passes include:

A Voucher Code may be used once, for access to: one (1) day of the trade show (Wednesday, Thursday, OR Friday), during trade show hours ONLY. Access to seminars, receptions, etc. is not included and must be purchased as part of a Full Conference or alternative conference package.

How to Redeem your Visitor Pass “Voucher Code”:

  1. Go To the BrewExpo America® 1-Day Visitor Pass registration site
  2. Enter Email address for the person using the visitor pass (not your own):  If you are registering someone else for the pass, but wish to also receive email correspondence regarding this registration, put your email address in the “CC Email address” field on the following page. You’ll get all the same emails they do. 
  3. Enter Exhibitor ID: this is the exhibitor visitor pass code you were given directly from an exhibitor.
  4. Enter Visitor Information: name, address, etc.  (Tip: The “CC Email Address” field is a great place to put the email address of anyone else you’d to receive email correspondence regarding this registration).
  5. Choose Your Day: Select which day of the BrewExpo America® the person using the pass would like to attend. Remember, if you select the 2 or 3 day option, the code limit will be reduced accordingly based on the number of days you’ve chosen. 
  6. Complete your registration – after you’ve chosen the day and proceed to the next page, you’re done… the visitor will receive a confirmation email shortly. 

Troubleshooting errors during registration:

  • Error: “You must select at least one session” – This means you did not actually select a day. Just click the box next to the day of your preference.
  • Error: “You have entered an invalid Voucher code” – Make sure you entered you did, in fact, enter the code exactly as you received it. Check for trailing spaces before or after the code, as these can throw the system off
  • Error: “The limit for the voucher code you entered has been reached” – This means this code has already been used the maximum allowable number of times. Please contact the exhibiting company that provided you the code directly.