16 Seminars That Are Guaranteed to Get the Gears Turning

Ready to add some new tricks to your repertoire? The Craft Brewers Conference brings together some of the smartest folks in the biz, and they’re ready to share their hard-earned knowledge with all comers. Here are a few seminars that are sure to stimulate your grey matter:

  1. Ask the Brewmasters: Hot Side Operations [Brewery Operations]
  2. Hop Creep: What It Is and Approaches to Managing It [Ingredients & Supplies]
  3. State of the Craft Brewing Industry [Thought Leadership]
  4. The Beverage Alcohol Market in 2020: Beer and Beyond [Thought Leadership]
  5. Crazy for Fruit: Techniques for Modern (Clean) Fruited Beers [Beer Styles]
  6. Kveik Yeast: From Farmhouse Obscurity to Craft Darling [Ingredients & Supplies]
  7. Wanna Brew “True Pilsner”? Learn from Czech Experts What Is Behind a Traditional Czech-Style Pilsner [Beer Styles]
  8. Efficient Dry Hopping: Maximizing Hop Flavor with Reduced Beer Loss
  9. Advanced Budgeting and Proper Costing [Business]
  10. Best Practices for Cash Flow Management [Business]
  11. The Things We Don’t Say: Mental Health Education for Craft Brewers [Business]
  12. Do the Right Thing: Alcohol and the Choices We Make [Business]
  13. Capturing Guest Opinions BEFORE They Get to the Internet [Hospitality]
  14. Building a Private Events Program to Increase Income and Diversify Your Customer Base [Hospitality]
  15. Industrial Cannabis and Beer: An Introduction to a Strange, Yet Familiar Plant [Ingredients & Supplies]
  16. Craft Beer in Grocery: The Tale of the Tail [Sales & Distribution]

? Pro tip:  Get to these sessions early!