Dr. J’s #CraftBrewersCon Picks

Before becoming the equity & inclusion partner for the Brewers Association, Dr. J was a professor of communication and cultural studies who dedicated her academic career to the study of American beer.

As the founder of Crafted For All and Craft x EDU, she’s been working to tear down barriers to access and advancement and create opportunities for everyone in the craft brewing community. She is an author, speaker, advocate, educator, and Certified Cicerone. 

Bottom line: Dr. J knows her way around people-centered learning experiences. Here are a few of her top picks for the 2023 Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America.

The Picks

  • THRIVE Preconference Workshop: “Sometimes we miss the forest for the trees. The urgency of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work; the sheer breath of human resources (HR) policy, and our personal connections to physical and mental wellness can give us tunnel vision. It’s all too easy to miss that all three of these vital business topics are related and strengthened when addressed holistically. The THRIVE preconference workshop is a day-long experience designed for leaders who want to attract, grow, and protect some of their greatest assets—thriving people. Note: Pre-conference workshop; additional fee required.
  • The Burden of Burnout: “Sometimes a topic just hits a nerve. One of last year’s most highly rated sessions returns with new data from Infinite Ingredient. The labor issues that the COVID-19 pandemic helped bring to the fore aren’t going anywhere and burnout isn’t simply a buzz word. Understanding and alleviating burnout is going to be one of the keys to ensuring our industry thrives for years to come.”
  • Supporting Sobriety within the Craft Beer Industry: “Inclusion is all about making sure that members of our communities know they are invited to bring their true and authentic selves into our spaces. That includes those who choose to moderate or abstain from drinking alcohol.”
  • Brewing on the Spectrum: “Human diversity includes aspects of our identities that aren’t always visible, and too often neurodivergence is excluded from conversations about building inclusive environments. A pair of brewery owners on the autism spectrum join us all the way from Norway to offer their unique perspectives and best practices.”
  • Put Your Money Where Your Values Are: Social Equity Procurement Programs for the Craft Brewing Industry: “Social equity procurement is a strategy that has been used by federal, state, and local governments to support local economies and address systemic inequity. Find out how this strategy can be put to work for values-based business looking to make a positive impact in their communities.”

Want to bend Dr. J’s ear while you’re in Nashville? Catch her at the Black is Beautiful Documentary film screening, raise a glass with her at the DEI Committee’s Opportunity-Maker Meet-up and Happy Hour, or join her in packing personal and household hygiene kits for middle Tennessee residents experiencing housing insecurity as part of the CBC Community Engagement Project.