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A Tale of Two Brewers

Once upon a time, two intrepid entrepreneurs, alike in their love for craft beer, each started breweries …

They were very similar, these two brewers. Both had a passion for their trade and were filled with ambitious dreams for the future.

However, only one brewer made a point to attend the Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America every year.

She learned new things at the seminars, picking up tips for improving quality and cutting costs by reducing her brewery’s footprint. At the general sessions, she learned about the state of the brewing industry and the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead.

On the trade show floor, she made relationships with suppliers and learned about new equipment and technologies that would make her brewery more productive.

At the nighttime gatherings she shared stories and chatted with her compatriots, the collective excitement and camaraderie reminding her why she pursued a career in craft brewing in the first place.

Each year she’d return to her brewery with new ideas and connections, and a renewed passion for her work.

And the other brewer? He never left the brew house….

While he learned new things along the way, sometimes the lessons were painful—and costly.

As the years went by a nagging sense of unrealized potential plagued him …

Eventually his passion for brewing began to wane, and there were days, more frequent with each passing year, when he’d wonder if he made a mistake not going into the family business (insurance).

OK, reader, you see where this is going.

Don’t be that brewer who never leaves the brew house because he thinks there’s nothing left to learn!

CBC is an essential gathering for brewers who want to improve their craft, grow their business and pursue their passion in the most effective and profitable way possible.

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