Garrett Marrero

CEO & Co-Founder

Maui Brewing Company

Garrett Marrero co-founded Maui Brewing Company in 2005 and has made it a successful regional craft brewery and Hawaii’s largest independent craft brewer. Under his leadership, Maui Brewing Company (MBC) has grown from a seven-barrel brewpub with 32 employees producing 320 barrels of beer in 2005, to a brewery with four restaurant locations across Maui and Oahu. Team MBC has recently completed the acquisition of Modern Times Beer & Coffee in San Diego, California, and formed Craft ‘Ohana to bring all of its organizations together. Garrett was born and raised in San Diego and has always been a strong believer in the Modern Times team, beer, and coffee. Garrett has led numerous legislative initiatives, succeeding in changing laws to better support the growing craft industry in Hawaii. Maui Brewing Company’s craft now extends to Island Sodas, Maui Hard Seltzer, and Kupu Spirits. Garrett holds a bachelor’s of arts in economics and in international relations, and an associate’s degree in finance. He is passionate about craft beer, food, and Hawaii.


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