• sinek

    We’re excited to announce that leadership expert and anthropologist Simon Sinek will deliver the keynote address at CBC this year! More »

  • 2015 Craft Brewers Conference by the Numbers

    What can attendees of the 2015 Craft Brewers Conference expect? Take a look at the numbers for this year’s conference in Portland. More »

  • CBC seminar speaker

    CBC seminar track spotlight: Do the safety dance! Choose from six seminars to help you protect your people, products and facilities. More »

  • 2015 Craft Brewers Conference

    Join Your Peers in Portland This April. Register Now!

  • Welcome Reception

    Let your freak flag fly! The 2015 welcome reception kicks off on April 14 at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum and will celebrate Portland’s beer, music and eccentricity. More »

  • Brew Expo America

    BrewExpo America, the industry’s biggest tradeshow, will be a half day longer in 2015.
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  • Beer and hops

    Welcome to Beervana

    The Numbers Don’t Lie: Portland Is One Craft-Crazed Town

    For many craft beer lovers, Portland is known as ‘Beervana.’ What gives this small city bragging rights as the craft beeriest town in the U.S.? Let take a look at the numbers: Read more…