Donate Your Beer to the Conference

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for sharing your amazing beers with your industry family! Your donations are greatly appreciated. All beer being sent to the Conference MUST be registered here no later than March 25, 2022.

  • Donations will only be accepted from BA professional brewery members that meet the definition of craft.
  • If you are not a current BA member brewery but would like to become one, we’d love to have you.
    • Breweries are also invited to send their alternative offerings such as ciders, kombuchas, seltzers, sodas, etc. in addition to beer.
    • Wine and distilled products are not eligible.
  • All beer sent to the conference is considered a donation and leftover beer cannot be returned to the brewer post-conference.
  • If your beer is NOT distributed in Minnesota, please consider sending your donations in bottle/can format(s) to help the BA minimize return shipping costs associated with kegs.
  • Your beers DO NOT need to be currently distributed in Minnesota. No further action beyond completing our donation form is required by donating breweries.
  • ALL donations are due at our host distributor’s warehouse between April 20-22 and April 25-26. Please do not ship your beer early. If this deadline is missed your beer cannot be received directly at the Conference. See delivery and dock information below.

The Brewers Association thanks Clear River Beverage Company for their support as host distributor to the 2022 Craft Brewers Conference® and BrewExpo America®.

Be sure to stop by and have a beer with their team at the Clear River Beverage sponsored lounge at the conference.

Delivery Address & Receiving Hours

Delivery Address & Map

(Located @ Warehouse Receiving Docks) – see map)

Receiving Dates/Hours:

April 20-22 & April 25-26 ONLY
6:00am – 2:00pm

Things to know when delivering your beer:

  • Complete a No-Charge /$0 Invoice with all necessary info and include it with your shipment. Please do not tape these to your shipment boxes, as the BA needs to save all invoices.
  • Label your product with the specific location or event (beer station, hospitality suite, meet-up, etc.) for which it should be served (if applicable).
  • Please check in at the receiving office to notify them you’re delivering beer to the Craft Brewers Conference® – they’ll direct you to the appropriate receiving dock.
  • Please have a copy of your completed “no charge” invoice.
  • If you are dropping off kegs, they will be returned one of three ways:
    1. BA Coordinates return with local distributors
    2. Owner will pick them up no later than 5:00pm Friday, May 6 at the Minneapolis Convention Center
    3. Return to sponsors booth area after expo close Friday, May 6
  • Please be mindful of your movements and patience when delivering your beer. You will be a guest during business hours.
  • Leftover packaged beer donations cannot be returned and partial kegs will be drained prior to return to owner.
  • All donations must be preregistered with the BA no later than March 25, 2022

Questions? Please email Mike Aronson or