Thank you to CBC Sustainability Sponsor MicroStar Logistics

The Brewers Association is committed to providing resources to help foster sustainable practices in members’ companies, as well as host a green CBC.

Resources to Learn and Grow


Sustainability Manuals

Three manuals are available for download and include guidance, checklists and spreadsheets to help brewers implement new practices in their breweries:

Greening CBC


It’s imperative that we are a reflection of the inspiring green efforts that we see in your companies! Following is an overview of CBC’s sustainability efforts:


Minimizing waste in BrewExpo America® is crucial to greening the event.

  • Exhibitors have been asked to make a commitment to sustainability (and provided the resources to do so) and have a pack-in, pack-out mentality.
  • Collection bins are available during set-up and tear-down to recycle cardboard, plas­tics (including shrink wrap) and the like. Place materials in front of your booth to be hauled off.
  • Whenever possible, Freeman Exhibit Services will reuse materials, including signage, carpeting and pallets.
  • ZeroHero coordinates landfill diversion efforts during set-up and tear-down, as well as manages recovery on the docks to direct materials to various waste management centers.

Conscious Products

  • Recyclable #1 plastic cups are avail­able throughout all areas, including beer stations, hospitality suites and seminars. Place these in the single stream recycling bins throughout the venue.
  • Please use your commemorative glass provided by sponsor Chrislan whenever possible!

Landfill Diversion and You!

Please help us put recycling, compost and waste in their proper place. Dispose of the following in bins throughout the venue:

  • Recycle Bin: Cardboard, paper, hard plas­tics #1 & #2, aluminum cans, bottles
  • Compost Bin: Food scraps only can be placed in bins
  • Trash: Wrappers, Styrofoam, plastic cutlery, soiled paper, coffee cups