CBC Attendee Scams

Attendee List and Hotel Scam Warnings

Attendee List Scam

As with many larger conferences and trade shows, companies are contacting Craft Brewers Conference attendees and exhibitors, claiming to represent Craft Brewers Conference (and/or leaving out important information so that it’s ambiguous whether they represent Brewers Association), offering Craft Brewers Conference attendee lists or Brewing Industry Contact Lists.

The Brewers Association does not ever sell or give away membership or attendee email contact information. No company is authorized to distribute or sell any lists for the event. Brewers Association does not rent, share or sell your attendee contact information to third parties.

Scammers offering to sell these lists often aggregate information based on web crawler or email “scraper” programs searching for the “@” sign in an email addresses posted on various websites (including LinkedIn and Facebook). While this is illegal in most countries, it does not prevent scammers from doing so, so the best way to prevent yourself from receiving these emails is to protect your information, and if at all possible, don’t post your email address online (or post it in an obscured way, such as an image or by not using the “@”) sign.

Please do not engage with and/or acquire/purchase any list from any company claiming to have use of Craft Brewers Conference database, attendees or contact information, as it puts you and others contact information at risk. Often times, responding to these emails (even to “unsubscribe”) confirms to them that they have reached a valid email address.

  • Exhibitor List for Official Vendors: Craft Brewers Conference Exhibiting companies’ primary contact information is given to our official vendors, Freeman Decorating, American Tradeshow Services (Lead retrieval), Rainprotection.net (Insurance), and the current year event venue for ordering purposes for their booth materials – these vendors do not release this information elsewhere, nor do we post exhibitor email contact info on our website.
  • Attendee Mailing List for Exhibitors: Conference exhibitors are provided an Craft Brewers Conference attendee list, but this only contains physical mailing addresses – email address and phone information are never provided. CBC attendees are able to opt-out of this physical mailing list during the registration process or may modify an existing registration to “opt-out” at any time, however, as the Brewers Association never sells or provide email addresses, this may not prevent attendees from receiving these fraudulent “contact list” emails.
  • Exhibitor Lead Retrieval “Badge Scanners” at the Conference: Exhibitors at the conference may purchase badge scanning lead retrieval units, which do collect entire contact information (including phone & email address) for those attendees who verbally consent to having their badge scanned at an exhibitor’s booth.

Known Attendee List Scam Companies:

  • Aim Digital Pros
  • Asset Media Leads
  • b2bleadsandcontactsexpo
  • b2bDataKernel
  • Bizbusinesstech
  • Carlsons B2B
  • CMI Event Travel
  • Conferencelseadexpos
  • Contact Attendees From Show
  • Contact Expos Lead
  • Conventioneers.us
  • Demand Generation Executive
  • Dynamic Global Leads
  • ETB
  • E-List Appenders
  • Event Attendees
  • Events 323
  • Eventsb2b
  • Event Travel Planners
  • Expo and Show Contacts
  • Expo Conferences Leads
  • Expo Lead Contact
  • Event Prospex
  • GlobalDataSol.com
  • Global Housing Corp
  • Info USA E-Data
  • International Business Pro
  • ListExpo.Info
  • Leadsexpo
  • Leads Expos Conference
  • Metric Valor
  • Micro Info Tek
  • Pro Asset Media
  • Procure Marketing Guide
  • Targeted Mails
  • TekInfo Hub Services
  • Trade Shows Lead
  • Trade Show Organizer
  • Trimax Leads
  • VoSystecnology
  • Any Emails coming from expoandshowleadsb2b@gmail.com or similar gmail accounts.

Hotel Scam Warning

Contact by any company soliciting as the “official” Craft Brewers Conference housing company, offering special non-refundable rates at Craft Brewers Conference hotels, and requesting credit card information should be considered a scam. All attendees and exhibitors should be aware that no one from the Brewers Association, the Craft Brewers Conference or ConferenceDirect solicits directly by telephone for hotel bookings or special discounts.

ConferenceDirect is the official housing company of the Brewers Association.

Known Hotel Scam Companies:

  • A&C Marketing
Advanced Travel Systems
Allied Acquisition Services
  • Book My Rooms
  • Booking.com
Condos at OCC
  • C
  • CBS International
  • CBS (Corporate Booking Services) International
  • CH Planners
  • Convention Hotel Management
  • Convention Hotel Services
  • Convention Housing
  • Convention Housing Authority
  • Convention Housing Services/Convention Expo Travel
  • Conventioneers LLC
  • ECTC Group/Executive Convention Travel
  • Elite Corporate Planners
  • ETB – Exhibition Travel Bureau
  • Event Connections
  • Event Egg
  • Events Plus, Inc.
  • Event Travel Planners
  • Execu-Link Corp.
  • Executive Events
  • Exhibition Housing Services
  • Exhibition Housing Management/EHM Travel
  • Exhibition Speed Services
  • Exhibitors Hotel Reservations Services
  • Exhibitor Housing Services
  • Expo Housing
  • Expo Housing Services/EHS
  • GE Group Travel
  • Global Corporate Consultants (GCC Inc.)
  • Global Corporate Events, Inc.
  • Global Events Group
  • Global Expo Travel LLC
  • Global Housing Company
  • Global Housing Management/GHM Travel
  • Global Housing Services Corporation
  • Global Travel Partners
  • Global Travel Planner
  • Golden Events
  • Group TIRA/TIRA Convention Management
  • HDMC Group
  • Hotel Angels, LLC
  • IEA Event Planning
  • International Events, Inc./IEP Group
  • Itravel, Inc.
  • JTR Holdings Inc.
  • Kiana Lawyer PH (caller named Tom from 443 area code)
  • Le Company, LLC
  • National Travel Accommodations/NTA
  • National Travel Associates (NTA)
  • NSCN Services
  • NTA Rooms
  • Progress Expo
  • Pro Housing LLC
  • Room Connections/Rooms Connect, Limited
  • Show Coordinators
  • Skyline Housing (affiliated with CCRA)
  • Six Point Travel
  • Stay Right Travel, LLC
  • Tarzango LLC
  • Tira Convention Travel Management/Group Tira Trade Show Housing
  • Trade Show Reservations, LLC
  • Trade Show Planners, LLC
  • TradeShow Housing
  • Travelingo Inc
  • Travel Maker
  • XM Corp./XM Corporation
  • Xpo Planners, Inc