CBC Attendee Scams

Attendee List Scam Warning

It has been brought to our attention that there are multiple companies contacting Craft Brewers Conference attendees and exhibitors, claiming to represent Craft Brewers Conference (and/or leaving out important information so that it’s ambiguous whether they represent Brewers Association), offering for rental and/or sale the Craft Brewers Conference attendee list.

No company is authorized to distribute or sell any lists for the event. Brewers Association does not rent, share or sell your contact information to third parties.

Conference exhibitors are provided an attendee list with mailing addresses, but no emails are provided. It appears as though the vendors that are sending these advertisements are simply spamming and cold-calling the companies that appear on the Craft Brewers Conference site. Statements from any companies claiming to have Craft Brewers Conference attendee list are fraudulent.

Please do not engage with and/or acquire/purchase any list from any company claiming to have use of Craft Brewers Conference database, attendees or contact information.

Companies identified in this scam include, but may not be limited to:

  • Asset Media Leads (Janice Norman)
  • b2bleadsandcontactsexpo (Pamela Richardson)
  • b2bDataKernel (Mathew Benson)
  • Bizbusinesstech (Cathy Russell)
  • CMI Event Travel (Sean Martin)
  • Conferencelseadexpos (Jay Munson)
  • Contact Attendees From Show (Ken Light)
  • Contact Expos Lead (Brian Fayman or Tom Robison)
  • Conventioneers.us
  • Demand Generation Executive (Nora Roberts, Chery Thomas)
  • Events 323
  • Eventsb2b (Magdalene Dicaprio)
  • Event Travel Planners (Jennifer Freeman)
  • Expo and Show Contacts (Larry Daniels)
  • Expo Conferences Leads (Lynn Mitchell)
  • Expo Lead Contact (Barbara Burt)
  • International Business Pro (Jennifer Hannah)
  • Leadsexpo (Sharon Walker)
  • Leads Expos Conference (Mike Wilson)
  • Pro Asset Media (Nivea Anderson)
  • Procure Marketing Guide (Vanessa Williams)
  • Trade Shows Lead
  • Trade Show Organizer (Juli Watt)
  • VoSystecnology (Amber Rose)
  • Any Emails coming from expoandshowleadsb2b@gmail.com or similar gmail accounts.

Hotel Scam Warning

Contact by any company soliciting as the “official” Craft Brewers Conference housing company, offering special non-refundable rates at Craft Brewers Conference hotels, and requesting credit card information should be considered a scam. All attendees and exhibitors should be aware that no one from the Brewers Association, the Craft Brewers Conference or ConferenceDirect solicits directly by telephone for hotel bookings or special discounts.

ConferenceDirect is the official housing company of the Brewers Association.

Companies identified in this scam include, but may not be limited to:

  • Progress Expo
  • CBS International
  • Convention Housing Services
  • EHM Travel
  • Exhibition Housing Services
  • Global Expo Travel LLC
  • Global Housing Company
  • Global Travel Partners
  • National Travel Associates LLC
  • NTA Rooms
  • Travelingo Inc.