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Brewery Operations

Seminar Speaker(s)
Sanitation in your Brewery: Where the Rubber Meets the Road Andy Tveekrem
Planning for Automation Abraham Kabakoff, Nathan Schroeder
The Basics of Centrifugal Pumps: Selection and Sizing Stan Brown, Andy Hooper
Understanding Pure Distilled Hop Oils Tom Britz, Mike Sanders, Tim Schnars II, Mitch Steele
Navigating Hop Contracts in a Changing Market Eric Desmarais, Ryan Hopkins, Alexandra Nowell, Lynne Weaver
Filtration Problems: Everyone Has Them. No One Wants to Talk About Them. Deniz Bilge
Brewery Engineering Panel Discussion John Blystone, Kyle Harris, Chris McCombs, Brandon Smith
Mind Bending Blending Techniques Jim Crooks

Brewpubs (Management and Marketing)

Seminar Speaker(s)
Crafting Regular Customers Ryan Krill, Chris LaPierre
Tax Savings and Grant Incentives Ken Hite
Managing a Brewpub or Brewery Restaurant Food Program Gavin Fine, John Fischer, Doug Goettsch
Menu Design and Pricing Strategy Tim Brady
Pulling Back the Curtain on Music Licensing Dan Couch, Carl Meier, Dan Spears
Developing a Unique Merchandising Program for Your Brewery Brand Lynsey Bates, Cyrena Nouzille
Strategies for Building a Unique Events Platform: Not Just Another Game Night Andy Calimano
So You Found Yourself Some New Hires: What’s Next? Michael Gemma, Janna Mestan

Export Development

Seminar Speaker(s)
TTB Compliance & Challenges When Exporting Your Beer Valerie Bushman, David McCaleb, Richard Miller
Craft Beer in China Carl Setzer
Craft Beer Market in British Columbia Dmitry Batishchev
A Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) Update On the U.K. Craft Market Buster Grant

Government Affairs


Seminar Speaker(s)
What you Don’t Know Will Hurt You: Government Affairs Update Marc Sorini
Guild Seminar: State Lobbying 101 Josh Aubuchon, Acacia Coast, Nancy Palmer
Tax Reform: What Brewers Should Know Bill Amon, Patrick McCurry
Cannabis and Craft Beer: Risks and Opportunities Alva Mather
Guild Seminar: Open Dialogue Acacia Coast
Defense and Promotion of Tasting Rooms Tom McCormick, Scott Metzger, Bart Watson


Seminar Speaker(s)
Crafting the Customer Experience for People Not Like You Kelly McDonald
Trends You Need to Know Jack Li
Storytelling, Authenticity, and what Politics and Pints Have in Common Cody Keenan
The Art of Inclusive Leadership Ash Beckham
The Power of Purpose in Business and Life Roy Spence

Packaging Breweries (Management and Marketing)

Seminar Speaker(s)
Brewing With Purpose Krystal Angelo, Karla Baise, Jessie Cox
Building Better Beer Experiences to Engage Your Community Jim Cornwell, Julia Herz, Chris Shields
Keeping the IP in Your IPA: What Brewers Need to Know About Intellectual Property Jeff Erway, Seth Gardenswartz, Hope Shimabuki, Dan Vavonese
Content Creation on a Budget: How a Small Brewery Can Create High-Quality Content on a Tight Budget Kailey Partin, Andy Sparhawk
Meet the Legal Expert: Roundtable Discussions Shauna Barnes, Joe Davis, Paul Havel, Joe Infante, Alva Mather, Eugene Pak, Marcus Reed
How to Run an Increasingly Complex Beer Business Sean Wilson
Cultivating Craft Beer Culture: HR Expert Panel Celine Frueh, Chelsea Bosak Manning, Jill Scanlon, Joy Will, Carrie Yunker
What is your Data Telling You? Gloria Atika, Jack McCraine, Jason McMackins, Emily Wells


Seminar Speaker(s)
Building a Field Quality Program Matthew Laibson, Matt Meadows, David Munro, Neil Witte
Food Safety Modernization Act: What You Need to Do, and What You Should Do Tatiana Lorca, Doug Hindman
PCR Testing to Ensure Quality: a Panel Discussion Wade Begrow, Mike Billon, Markus Fandke, Riley Seitz
Sensory for a Song: How To DIY (And Why You Should) Jamie Floyd, Liz Pratt
Quality Control for the Little Folk Part 2: Growing Up Nathan Sanborn, Merritt Waldron
Hazed and Confused: Understanding, Mitigating and Preventing Post-package Physical Instability Patricia Aron, Ashton Lewis, Christine White, Xiang Yin
What You Should Expect from a Mobile Packaging Company Alex Chmielinski, Owen Lingley, Dan Sartwell, Bailey Spaulding, Tyler Wille


Seminar Speaker(s)
Wire You Shocked? Electrical Safety in Breweries Russell McCrimmon
Combined Risk of CO2 Exposure, Workload Demand, and Ergonomic Stress on Brewers Dave Huizen
Taproom, Brewpub and Kitchen Safety Roundtable Chris LaPierre, Cyrena Nouzille, Matt Stinchfield
The Craft of Balancing Safety & Culture Jill Scanlon, James Stricker
Hazard Assessment: New Tools for Busy Brewers Matt Stinchfield

Selling Craft Beer

Seminar Speaker(s)
Building your Brand Through the Tasting Room Sam Hendler, Mike Hess
Gaining Share of Mind in a Crowded House Steve Kuftinec, Adam Lambert, Anna Nadasdy
Retailer Panel Alex Joerger, Katy Greiner, Bob Gulley, Jeff Nowicki, Rich O’Keefe
Growing into the Headwinds Laura Bell, Natalie Cilurzo, Chris Cramer, Eric Ottaway, Benj Steinman, David Walker
Selling Beer Via Wholesalers Paul Pisano, Russ Teplitzky, Eric Wallace
Using Industry, Economic, and Demographic Data to Grow Your Business Lester Jones, Bart Watson
What’s on Tap: A Look Into On Premise Pete Conti, Matthew Crompton, Scott Elliot, Danelle Kosmal


Seminar Speaker(s)
The Week That Births Your Brewery Tom Hennessy
Quality Assurance for Small Breweries: The Key to Growth Zachary Taggart
Solutions for the Small Brewer Ryan Scott, Bryan Selders, Patrick Staggs
From 1 Barrel to 1,000: Managing Risk from Start-Up to Rapid Growth Jonathan Dunitz, Daniel KlebanJames Sanborn, Brad Weller
Marketing your Brewery to a Skeptical City Government or Community Julie Wartell
Raising Capital Chris Cramer, Randall Behrens, Derek Groff, Kyle Leingang, Lynne Weaver
Distribution Models for Start-up Breweries Kimberly Clements, Suzie Ford, Barbara Gerovac, Daniel Lust


Seminar Speaker(s)
Pure Water Brewing Alliance: Water Reuse and Brewing Charlie Arnold, Eric Greene, Mark Jockers, Barry Liner, Tim Rynders
Building a Returnable Bottle Market Vince Assetta, Jules Bailey, Thorsten Geuer, Bill Kilpatrick, Caren McNamara, Jim Nordmeyer, Katie Wallace
Sustainability Benchmarking John Stier, Elizabeth Water, Sean Whites
Small-Scale CO2 Capture Technology Amy George, Josh Hare, Brian Peters, Alex Veneman
A Brewery for All: Tactics for Being Inclusive and Building Diversity J. Nikol Jackson-Beckham

Technical Brewing

Seminar Speaker(s)
Session Beer: Brewing for Balance and Flavor van De Baets, Matt Brynildson, Jayne Lewis, Logan Plant, Jennifer Talley
Yeast Management and Propagation Kurt Marshall
Flavor Stability Deniz Bilge
Terpenes, Esters, Fruits, Herbs and Vegetables: Brewing Eclectic IPAs Dick Cantwell
Dry-Hopping Beer to Achieve Consistent Flavor Scott Lafontaine, Daniel Sharp, Tom Shellhammer
Myth Busting: Kettle Souring. The Appliance of Science Andrew Turner
Malt Flavor: Why the Craft Industry Gives a Chit Lindsay Barr, Cassie Poirier, Andrea Stanley