Brewers Association

Monday-Friday 8 am – 5:00 pm MT


Event Director – Nancy Johnson, email Nancy

BrewExpo Event Manager – Chris Williams, email Chris regarding exhibiting at BrewExpo America.

Events Administrative Assistant – Ashlee Clark,  email Ashlee regarding attendee registration.

Senior Event Manager – Bradley Latham, email Bradley regarding beer donations/shipping, brewery tours, welcome reception.

Event Manager – Kathryn Porter Drapeau,  email Kathryn regarding hotel/travel, Craft Beer Wholesalers Conference, Micromatic course, catering.

Sponsorship inquiries – West of the Mississippi? Email Kari Harringon, Business Development Manager for Advertising & Sponsorship 303.447.0816 x167.

East of the Mississippi? Email Tom McCrory, Business Development Manager for Advertising & Sponsorship 303.447.0816 x151.

Please note: Multiple companies have emailed CBC attendees and exhibitors offering a “mailing list” of Craft Brewers Conference attendees. These are all scams, please disregard all offers. Thank you.