Program Advertising

cbc14program_pagesAdvertising in the Craft Brewers Conference program is an excellent opportunity to reach the nation’s largest gathering (11,500 attendees) of craft brewing professionals. One well placed advertisement will double your conference visibility when combined with an exhibit booth at BrewExpo America® or sponsorship opportunities.

Advertising space deadline: January 2016
Advertising materials deadline: January 2016

Pricing & Sizes:

Trim size: 8.375″ w x 10.875″ h
Live area: 7.875″ w x 10.375″ h

Back cover
(8.625”w x 11.125”h)
$2,625 Inside back cover
(8.625”w x 11.125”h)
Inside front cover
(8.625”w x 11.125”h)
$2,350 Full page
(bleed: 8.625”w x 11.125”h;
no bleed: 7.5”w x 9.5”h)
2⁄3 page vertical
(4.9”w x 9.5”h)
$1,250 1/2 page vertical
(4.9”w x 7”h)
1/2 page horizontal
(7.5”w x 4.68”h)
$950 1⁄3 page vertical
(2.33”w x 9.5”h)
1⁄3 page square
(4.9”w x 4.68”h)
$675 1/4 page horizontal
(4.9”w x 3.375”h)
1⁄6 page vertical
(2.33”w x 4.68”h)

Artwork Specifications:
High resolution PDF, EPS or JPG files accepted. Adobe CS5 with art/fonts are also accepted.

Artwork Delivery:
If your file is under 5 MB, please send to If over 5 MB, please upload the artwork to our FTP site, as well as send a confirmation by email that the artwork has been uploaded. Please compress your files before posting and name in the following convention:

login: adv-share
password: Barley123

Advertising Policy:
Advertising in the Craft Brewers Conference Program is subject to The New Brewer Advertising Policy.

Please contact us for more information or to reserve space.

Contact Us

Kari Harrington

Business Development Manager for Advertising & Sponsorship (West)

Phone: 303.447.0816 x167


Tom McCrory

Business Development Manager for Advertising & Sponsorship (East)

Phone: 303.447.0816 x151


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