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Each year, professionals throughout the craft brewing industry attend the Craft Brewers Conference to network, find suppliers, and seek advice that they rely on for success in a growing industry. Sponsoring or advertising at the Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America will provide your company an increased level of exposure in front of 11,500 devoted brewers, brewery managers and restaurant personnel, who will see your company both during the conference and afterwards when they’re onsite at the event, and when they refer to the program and seminar recordings. The following is an overview of the 2015 sponsorship options. Please note that opportunities and pricing are subject to change. For more detailed information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact us (information at the bottom of the page) for full description.

Opportunities for 2016 will become available in September.

The following is an overview of the 2015 sponsorship options.

Welcome Reception | $20,000 | SOLD

closingreceptionBe the exclusive sponsor of the most anticipated evening of the conference. All attendees converge to mingle with colleagues they haven’t seen in ages, and meet new friends, sample great local beer and kick off the conference.

Attendee Bags | $17,500 | SOLD

Registration BagsBe the last company in all attendees’ mind when you sponsor the finale of the Craft Brewers Conference. Your company will be recognized as providing a great party with phenomenal craft beer and appetizers as attendees say goodbye to business partners and friends new and old.

Closing Reception | $15,000 | SOLD

closing receptionYour company will be remembered before during and after the conference for providing the seminar recordings free of cost to all attendee. This is a new and unique opportunity to get your company front and center at the nation’s largest gathering of craft brewing professionals and provide them a resource to be used well after the conference.

Seminar Audio Recordings | $15,000 |

Seminar RecordingsYour company will be remembered before during and after the conference for providing the seminar recordings free of cost to all attendee. This is a new and unique opportunity to get your company front and center at the nation’s largest gathering of craft brewing professionals and provide them a resource to be used well after the conference.

Mobile Application | $12,500 | SOLD

mobile sponsorshipBring attendees the official Craft Brewers Conference mobile application where they can easily find event happenings, locations, times and more. The mobile application gets used by many, who will see your company as providing a great service.

Internet Access Lounge | $10,000 |

internetBrand your company with the conference’s only Internet Lounge. Attendees always converge around these free stations to touch base with the home office, and they’ll remember that you made the communication seamless.

Transportation Education Sponsor | $10,000 |

Be recognized as providing valuable education to get attendees to and from their hotels to the Convention Center each day. MAX Passes, the city’s efficient light rail system, are provided by the City of Portland. As the Transportation Sponsor, you will distribute the MAX passes to attendees, educate attendees on the best routes, and brand your company as a sustainable offering to the craft brewing community.

Commemorative Notebook & Information Access Sponsor | $10,000 | SOLD

Place your company on a jump drive handed out to every attendee at the Craft Brewers Conference. This green initiative eliminates paper waste, and offers visibility during and after the conference. The jump drive launches a “hidden” section of the website that contains two pages; one that features electronic “inserts” of sponsoring companies and one that features audio and visual Speaker Presentations. These are extremely heavily trafficked web pages.

Registration Area | $10,000 | SOLD

registration areaEvery brewer, attendee and exhibitor will see your brand front and center when they check in to the conference. Placed in a prominent location, everyone will walk by and see your support of the show.

Keynote Presentation & Continental Breakfast (Wed) | $10,000 | SOLD

keynote presentationAssociate your company with the renowned CBC. Help start each conference attendees’ day right by providing them with a complete continental breakfast every morning. Increase impact by having each breakfast associated with your brand.

Conference Hotel Room Key Card | $8,500 | SOLD

keycardPlace your brand in front of every attendee at the host hotel by branding the hotel key cards with your company and key messages. An invaluable opportunity.

Check-in Gift or Room Drop | $8,000 + gift or sample |

Be the first to welcome attendees to the Craft Brewers Conference by providing a gift at registration or having a branded basket placed in their room one evening. Your generosity will be appreciated.

Twitter Wall & Lounge | $7,500 |

twitter wallBring attendees real-time tweets from this very active community of brewing professionals. A great way to help the attendees inside and outside of the conference stay connected.

Quick Glimpse Pocket Program | $7,500 | SOLD

Craft Brewers Conference Quick GlimpseBe front and center when you own the go-to guide that attendees look at numerous times a day to see seminar times and locations, as well as all other event happenings. The Quick Glimpse Pocket Program is one of the most visible assets of the event.

Green Sponsor | $7,500 | SOLD

Green SponsorBe recognized as helping to bring sustainable efforts to the Craft Brewers Conference. Brand the Convention Center’s recovery stations that help attendees divert from the landfill with compost and recycling centers.

Branded Escalators | $7,500 |

branded escalators Craft Brewers COnferenceWatch your visibility climb while a captive audience ascends your billboard-size ad on the vertical space of the escalators between the floors where the conference sessions are held.

Water Station Sponsor | $7,500 |

water stationEveryone knows CBC is a long event and hydration is the key to sustaining through the long days. Brand the water stations placed throughout the seminars, BrewExpo and other main walkways.

Brewery Tour Transportation | $6,500 | SOLD

transportationAttendees who embark on these tours will certainly appreciate and remember your company for sponsoring a fun and exciting journey to local area breweries.

Branded Eatery | $5,000 |

branded-eateryThere are three cafes in main heavily trafficked areas perfect for getting your brand front and center for all three days of the event. Drive attendees to your booth by featuring your company outside and inside the eatery with table top displays, giveaways, and any other creative application you can come up with! It’s your area branded with window clings and pull-up displays at each entrance. Free WiFi is available, which will encourage attendees to stay.

Continental Breakfast (Thu & Fri) | $5,500 |

breakfast sponsorshipAssociate your company with the renowned CBC. Help start each conference attendees’ day right by providing them with a complete continental breakfast every morning. Increase impact by having each breakfast associated with your brand.

Facility Tour | $4,000 (Tue) |

Is your company local to the area? If you want to show off your facility, product and services offering, and host a great off-site event, let us help you bring brewery representatives to your digs. A significant number of attendees get in on Tuesday and are looking for a great event before the Welcome Reception.

Lounge Area | $3,750 |

loungeGive attendees an area to relax, conduct business, check their email, and learn all about your products or services in your very own branded lounge. We’ll set up 8’ round tables in a main walkway where you can place pull up banners, table tops and a nice display.

Airport Shuttle Service | $3,500 + cost of service |

transportationTake the worry out of transportation costs and logistics by offering attendees a free shuttle service at peak times of arrival and departure from the event. Attendees will no doubt appreciate the gesture.

Photo Booth Sponsor | $3,500 + cost of photo booth |

There’s no other industry like this one…where business partners and competitors are also friends. Help attendees remember the event by branding the photo strip they’ll receive after sitting in your photo booth, which will be placed in one of the main trafficked areas of the show.

Massage Relaxation Station | $3,500 + cost of vendor |

Generate booth traffic and create a buzz on the show floor! Professional chair massages are provided in a quiet area of the conference where attendees can enjoy a chair massage at no charge by presenting a coupon from you, the sponsor. Coupons can be distributed from your booth or in conference attendee bags.

Sponsored Demonstration | Private Room $4,500 | BrewExpo $3,500 (Wed, Thu, Fri)

sponsored demoPrivate: Host a presentation of your product or service, and we’ll help you market it to attendees through advertising, the print program, the web and the pocket program. Two private rooms in the BrewExpo will feature four presentations per day. Open: Open areas in the BrewExpo where companies can showcase their product or service to attendees. We’ll help you market the event through the print program, the web and the pocket program. Six 45-minute presentations are available per day in two areas.

Beer Station | $4,500 | SOLD

Beer StationYour brand is guaranteed to get noticed when you are one of only ten sponsors serving beer at the BrewExpo America tradeshow. This sponsorship includes a beer station space on the tradeshow floor and the marketing of the beer station in all available conference materials.

Seminar Room Sponsorship | $4,500 each |

seminar-roomAttendees will continue to associate your company with their conference learning during and after the event, thanks to prominent logo placement and opportunities for your company to offer marketing materials to attendees.

Hospitality Suite Sponsorship | $4,000 per day (Wed, Thu, Fri) |

hospitality suiteAs a Hospitality Suite Sponsor, your brand will be front and center when attendees are relaxing and socializing. This sponsorship includes visibility in the hospitality space and all available conference materials. Hospitality Suites are available each afternoon.

Off-site Nightly Event Sponsor | $4,000 (Wed, Thu, Fri) |

CBC Official Nightly EventBe the host of one of two officially sponsored nightly events and be featured in front of the beer and brewing industry. Your company can plan and produce the event, and we will work with you and your team to promote and market it to our attendees. Be highlighted as the place to be for networking.

Eco-Friendly Water Bottles | $3,750 + supplied water bottles | SOLD

waterbottleBe remembered as a sustainable maven by providing stainless steel water bottles to all conference attendees. Water bottles can be filled at stations on the show floor and surrounding the conference.

Commemorative Glass | $3,750 + glassware | SOLD

glasswareBe remembered by providing the commemorative Craft Brewers Conference glass to all conference attendees.

Supporting Marketing Package | $3,500 |

Give your company prominent placement by participating as a sponsor and help your business stand out from the other exhibitors. You’ll be recognized as a valuable supporter of the conference through logo placement and advertising opportunities.

Commemorative Attendee Gift | $3,000 + gift or sample |

Present attendees with a gift or product placed in their event bag, commemorating their CBC experience. Affiliate your company with the BA, the recognized leader in bringing the craft brewing industry together.

Safety Giveaway | $3,000 + product giveaway |

Is your company safety-minded? We’d love to feature you as a bag insert to all attendees, as well as pass out your product in the Safety Open House on Friday

Charging Station | $2,750 per station + supply of stations |

Brand stations with your company logo for attendees to charge their computers, phones, etc. Have your company recognized as providing convenience and a valuable service during the event.

Free-standing Branded Advertisements | $2,500 (add-on to sponsor package only)|

advertisintcbcStand out and get noticed! Brand your company with two large advertisements placed on two separate triangular units that will be placed throughout the most heavily trafficked areas at the conference. Each panel is 38” w x 77” h

Window Cling | $2,500 (add-on to sponsor package only)|

The Convention Center has gorgeous natural light throughout all major walkways. Brand one of these 140” w x 72” h windows with a larger-than-life advertisement that attendees can’t miss. Cost includes printing and installation.

Do you have a creative idea that you don’t see listed here? Please contact us and we will work with you to bring it to life, offering great exposure at the Craft Brewers Conference.

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