Beer Styles

The Brewers Association recognizes over 150 distinct beer styles in its Beer Style Guidelines. Each style has a unique history and characteristics, and is brewed using specific brewing processes and techniques. The seminars in this track will highlight past, present, and future beer styles and the techniques used to brew them.

Brewing Operations

The Brewing Operations track covers all of the processes included in beer production – from brewhouse tasks, fermentation and filtration, to cellaring and packaging, and cleaning and sanitation. Attend these seminars to hear from experts on how to maximize quality and efficiency in your brewery from the smallest detail to a major expansion.


Running a brewery is about more than just making good beer. Things like finance and accounting, human resources, staff training, and management are all just as important to keep your business healthy. Stay on top of the latest industry trends and learn best practices for dealing with the tough conversations in your business with the seminars in this track.


Are you exporting your beer abroad or considering entering the global market? Expose yourself to the diverse industry and culture of craft beer around the world in the Export track, and be informed about opportunities for your products in international markets.

Government Affairs

The Government Affairs track is all about helping you know your rights and how to defend them. From taxes and tariffs, to updates on state and federal laws that will affect your business – make sure you’re aware of the risks and opportunities in today’s political environment.


Brewery hospitality is about making meaningful connections with the visitors in your taproom or brewpub to keep them coming back for more. Attend this track to learn about the many ways to enhance your taproom experience, including events and entertainment, well-trained and engaged staff, beer and food pairing, and more.

Ingredients & Supplies

We all know the basic ingredients in brewing beer: barley, hops, water, yeast. Attend the seminars in this track to learn more about the beer industry supply chain, as well as how to handle, analyze, and maintain quality brewing supplies and ingredients.

Marketing & Social Media

Designing a successful marketing strategy is imperative to growing your brand. In this section, learn about best practices and tactics for effective marketing and social media in your brewery, from the basics to the big leagues.


Starting a craft brewery is a huge job. The seminars in the Planning track will help you in both the planning process and the early days of your brewery’s operations. Learn about everything from creating a financial plan and outlining your business goals, to selecting your equipment, designing your taproom, and implementing best practices to brew quality beer.


Quality management for breweries is critical for continued success. The seminars in this track will give your brewery the tools to set up a quality lab, analyze and maintain quality in your beers, and implement best practices for getting your beer to consumers at its best.


Nothing is more important to managing your brewery than maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for your employees. The Safety track is all about providing you with the resources you need to create a culture of safety in your brewery and protect your staff and equipment from harm.

Sales & Distribution

It doesn’t matter how good your beer is if you don’t know how to sell it. The seminars in the Sales & Distribution track will provide breweries with best practices for working with retailers, distributors, and your own team to sell beer on-premise, off-premise, and beyond.


Sustainability is key to the long-term success of the craft beer industry. The seminars in this track will discuss conscientious brewing practices that breweries can implement to become effective environmental stewards.

Thought Leadership

The Thought Leadership track is intended for owners, managers, and leaders in the craft brewing industry. Join these sessions to open your mind, be inspired, question your norms, and learn to be a more authentic and effective leader.