Wellness Is a Vibe

Take a break and drop in for 15-minute guided meditation and chair yoga sessions in the CBC wellness lounge. Designed for busy meetings as a quick way for attendees who want to recharge, relax and be inspired through mindfulness. 

Location: Venetian Expo | Hall D

Back Bliss: Stretch Techniques for Aching Backs

Do you have back pain? You are NOT alone! Come join us as we mindfully stretch and strengthen our back muscles to feel better in our bodies! You don’t have to live with pain!

Brewing Rest: Mastering Sleep Hygiene

Sleep is our most basic need and is a function of the parasympathetic nervous system. We’ll give tips and tricks to create a daytime and evening routine that will set you up for your best sleep! We’ll also chat about what to do if you wake in the middle of the night and how to put yourself back to sleep quickly.

Crafting Calm: Stress Reduction Tips

Stress can present in many ways – irritability, upset stomach, feelings of overwhelm. Learn 5 tricks on how to shift your energy from feeling stressed to feeling more at ease. Five minutes is all it takes!

Easy Chair Wellness: Desk-Friendly Stretches

Grab a chair and let’s stretch! These sessions will include gentle breathing and stretching exercises you can do from your chair to combat the effects of sitting. No yoga mat, sweat, floor work or change of clothes needed. It’s better than coffee! 

Hoppy and Healthy: Nutrition Tips for Busy Schedules

  • Learn hacks for meal preparation with minimal time
  • Explore good frozen and pantry items to have on hand
  • Snack ideas for on-the-go while balancing your workday

Mind on Tap: Mental Wellness Hacks

Mental health affects how we think, feel, and act. It also determines how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. We’ll discuss how the mind works to understand our thought patterns (rumination, negative self-talk, cognitive biases, giving momentum to stories), and learn skills to manage stress to relax the nervous system to help manage daily stressors.

Quiet Room

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the conference in our dedicated “Quiet Room,” located in Bassano 2805-2806. Embrace the serene atmosphere and unwind without distractions. Remember to switch off all electronic devices upon entry and indulge in the stress-relieving activities provided. Find your cozy corner, breathe deeply, and recharge amidst the gentle ambiance.

Revitalize & Connect: Navigating Burnout in the Beverage Industry

Join us for an empowering networking event dedicated to preventing and managing burnout. Discover a supportive community where industry professionals come together to share effective burnout prevention and self-care strategies. Engage in open discussions, learn from each other’s experiences, and foster a culture of well-being within the beverage sector. This is your opportunity to connect, recharge, and build a resilient network committed to sustaining both personal and professional vitality.

Sound Bath

Step into a realm of tranquility and deep relaxation in this captivating sound bath experience hosted by Kim Derr of SoundCraft Wellness. This 30-minute journey of sonic bliss will use sound frequencies to slow your brainwaves down and drop you into your parasympathetic nervous system where your body can rest and digest. Allow the sound vibrations to dissolve tension, stress, and mental clutter, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and centered.

Spirited Wellness: Navigating Responsible Consumption in the Beverage Industry

Join us for mindful networking as we explore the delicate balance of working in the beverage alcohol industry while prioritizing personal wellness. Connect with like-minded professionals striving for a healthier relationship with alcohol in a supportive and understanding environment. Share insights, strategies, and success stories on maintaining balance and well-being in a field where alcohol is omnipresent. Discover new perspectives and build connections that foster a community dedicated to both professional success and personal health. Cheers to a thriving, mindful, and harmonious approach to life in the beverage industry!


Times subject to change