Micro Matic Draught Dispense Course

MicroMatic Draft Class

Learn the necessities for correct beer dispensing. This informative seminar will take you from the basics of equipment used through system design and installation. The program also covers how to maintain beer dispensing systems after installation. 

The program also covers how to maintain beer dispensing system after installation. Seminar includes world-class training manual and support material. This course is open only to Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America® attendees. Morning coffee and lunch included. Limited capacity—register early!

How to Register

  1. Register for CBC
  2. Add Micro Matic Draught Dispense Course during registration process

Monday | 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

  • Kegs & Vessels
  • Basic System Components
  • Balancing Dispense Systems
  • Correct Application of Mixed Gas
  • Dispense System Types
  • Dispensing from Vessels
  • Troubleshooting
  • Special Event Dispensing

Registration Pricing

  Early Pricing (through March 13, 2018) Regular Pricing (after March 13, 2018 – if available) On-Site Pricing (starting April 27, 2018 – if available)

BA Member

$150 $175 $200

Non Member

$200 $225 $250


Kudos for the Micro Matic Course

  • “I learned more good, accurate information in a few hours than in a year’s worth of reading!” —Berkeley, New Mexico
  • “This was exactly the seminar I was hoping for and was presented in an extremely organized and easily understandable fashion.” —Richard, New York
  • “It was a great and valuable experience. After 10+ years in the business, there was still a wealth of knowledge to be gained.” —Erik, Colorado