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All Brewers Association contacts can be reached via the following address, phone number and fax number:

Contact the Brewers Association

Address 1327 Spruce St. Boulder CO, 80302 USA

Company Phone Number +1.303.447.0816

Company Fax Number +1.303.447.2825

For more specific information including extension numbers and email addresses, see following:


Event Director

Nancy Johnson Extension: 131 /  Email:

General Conference Information

Event Coordinator

Bradley Latham Extension: 153 /  Email:

Attendee Registration

Event Registrar

Chris Williams Extension: 125 /  Email:

Advertising & Sponsorship

Business Development Manager for Advertising & Sponsorship (West)

Kari Harrington Extension: 167 /

Business Development Manager for Advertising & Sponsorship (East)

Tom McCrory Extension: 151 /  Email:

Advertising & Sponsorship Associate

Joe Damgaard Extension: 171 /  Email:


Marketing Director

Ann Obenchain Extension: 193 /

Marketing Manager

Jeb Foster Extension: 166 /

Marketing Manager

Rachel Staats Extension: 192 /